IBN Jasper Deu Um Novo Visual Ao Converse Pro Leather

05 set 2019

Apresentado ao mundo como “o barbeiro do Kanye West”, IBN Jasper soube como se envolver no ramo da moda e vem tendo seu nome estampado – nem sempre de forma literal – em roupas e tênis há algum tempo.

Originalmente lançado em 1976, o CONVERSE PRO LEATHER foi um dos tênis mais vistos nos pés do Dr. J, apelido dado para o ex-jogador de basquete Julius Erving. Clássico inegável na marca, o modelo traz para IBN Jasper algumas boa lembranças dessa época, quando o PRO LEATHER e WEAPON pisavam frequentemente nas quadras.

Para honrar Dr. J e seu estilo fora das quadras, o PRO LEATHER foi retrabalhado pelo IBN Jasper e ganhou uma edição premium marcada pelos excelentes materiais e ajuste com zíperes. Dubraes com o ano de lançamento do tênis e numerais romanos nas laterais do cano alto finalizam o design.

26 de setembro é a data de lançamento do IBN Jasper x PRO LEATHER na loja online da CONVERSE nos EUA e em alguns representantes da marca ao redor do mundo.

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CONVERSE x IBN JASPER Chicago-born Ibn Jasper wants to make sure today’s kids know Dr. J. The first basketball player to dunk from the foul line, Julius Erving is known for his free flowing play, as well as for wearing Converse’s Pro Leather basketball shoe. First released in 1976, the Pro Leather debuted as the lightest and most durable performance basketball shoe on the market. Highlighted by the star/chevron logo, the shoe was worn in collegiate and pro competition by many of the game’s best — though most notably by Erving — before being discontinued in 1983. Subsequent re-issues have not only cemented the silhouette’s stature in the cannon of hoop shoes, but given it standing in fashion and skate circles alike. “This particular collaboration means a lot to me since I was born in the 70s and grew up in the 80s watching all of the great NBA players like Dr.J.,” says Jasper. “The aesthetic is based on a photo of Dr. J. walking into the arena with an all-white outfit. He looks like he just stepped off of the runway. I thought to myself: ‘How can I distill this image and vibe into a collection?’” The statuesque white serves a secondary purpose too. Jasper’s intent is to channel Erving’s sophisticated style into a trophy that pays homage to the highflying player’s great legacy and impact on the game. Roman numeral embossing adds to this vibe, granting historical weight to a contemporary design accentuated by a side zipper. The Converse x IBN Jasper Pro Leather will release globally on September 26.

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